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Alice Thompson live performance

March 11, 2015

This Friday 11th March we invite you to enjoy an exceptional evening of cocktails and music in the Salon Noir from 7pm. The extremely talented Alice Thompson will be playing tracks from her latest album 'Fables'.

This classically trained pianist and composer will be pulling out all the stops to put on an exceptional evening of entertainment so make sure you come down and make the perfect start to your weekend!


To listen to a sample of her music click here

Transparent Art - Live, visual Art Dinner

April 7, 2016

Transparent Platform presents… An Evening with Stephanie


Eleanor Johnson and Venetia Berry are two emerging artists, both academically trained, who explore the human condition through portraiture painting. They will be given the opportunity to paint our live transgender model Stephanie in front of an intimate audience within three hours.



 The evening will provide a heightened sense of understanding between the audience and the artist; revealing the varying processes and unique characters behind the canvas illuminating the transparency of each stroke.


How will these two artists reveal the innate feminine identity within the masculine form?


Transparent Platform is working with L’Escargot to create a fully immersive evening. All senses will be triggered throughout the evening. Whilst the audience watch these two artists work they will enjoy a specially curated three course meal which reflects the the colours and textures on the room and the works being created.


Eleanor Johnson



Eleanor Johnson is an artist currently working in London. She is studying History of Art at University College London, and completed a foundation course in fine art at City and Guilds of London Art School. She recently had her first solo exhibition in Shoreditch, and has exhibited in galleries around Oxfordshire. Her portraits explore the growing disconnection we may feel from each other - as technology separates us, whilst it paradoxically works on speeding up connection. Eleanor’s work challenges the artificial imagery used in portraying ourselves and she weaves into her portraits the process and effects of time, looking at the transience of life, and death.


Colour Palette – Fleshy and Pastel tones.


Venetia Berry


After a summer course in2012 at Charles H Cecil Studios in Florence, I decided to give up my place at Bristol to read Politics and to follow my creative flare. I studied at Leith School of Art for two years and continued to live and work in Edinburgh for another year. I am currently studying at the Royal Drawing School on the Drawing Intensive Year. Alongside this I am working on portrait commissions in my studio in Brixton. 


I have aimed to achieve a real sense of flesh and personality through my paintings. It is important to me to capture the character of the sitter and to convey a confrontation between the painting and the viewer. The sense of a ‘likeness’ is very important to me - this becomes clear when I start to paint the person, and not the canvas. The material of oil paint itself is a vital part of my paintings as I enjoy the paint becoming a feast for your eyes in its own right as it moves from colour to colour in subtle nuances. I aim to find the perfect balance between precise detail and a lost image, which encourages the viewers’ imagination to bring the painting into their own world and the paint to develop a life of its own, making the painting a personal experience. 


 Transparent Platform will be a very interesting and challenging experience for me as an artist. Turning my usual long hours in the studio by myself on its head with a three-hour time limit and an audience will take me completely out of my comfort zone and push me into the deep end. One of my main difficulties as an artist is knowing when to stop. I hope that this controlled time frame pressurises me to create an exciting and thought provoking painting.



Stephanie Griffiths: “I am looking to Inspire and Motivate Transgender Models”


Before switching over to her new career, London based Stephanie Griffiths was a B.A.F.T.A award winning Animation Director with over 20 years’ professional experience working on numerous well-known children’s TV programmes, including the pilot for Bob the Builder. She is also an accomplished puppet maker and puppeteer.


More recently, Stephanie has been modelling with an already strong portfolio and range of work. She is looking to collaborate and work with photographers, artists, filmmakers and other creatives. She is keen to try out new things and explore artistic boundaries.


Stephanie’s diverse role as a Muse is to inspire and encourage great new innovative works - be it glam, erotic, horror or whatever - she is open to any challenge. With her creative background, she is continually experimenting. At her first modelling job, she snapped up the opportunity to be featured as a burlesque dancer in a pack of playing cards. This will be one of many examples of work featuring on her upcoming new website – TRYAMUSE.ME. Her website gallery will present a series of artworks, with Stephanie as the muse, working in collaboration with artists and creatives.


Spaces are limited so to book your space at this exclusive event please click here

An evening of Warhol, Gothic Blues and Spoken Word with Attitude - Ledfoot, Smutty, James Browne

May 9, 2016

Ledfoot and Smutty

Stephen Colegrave presents, for 4 nights only:


Ledfoot, Smutty and James Browne - An evening of Warhol, Gothic Blues and Spoken Word with Attitude


There was a time before marketing, social media and branding, when creativity and ideas came from the street and their creators lived on the edge of conventional society…


During the 1970s and early 1980s Downtown New York and London's Soho and Camden Town spawned a counter culture that casts a long shadow on today. A time too often repackaged and seeped in nostalgia, this show brings you three authentic voices that take you right back to the raw essence of what made the period so unique.


In music, art, storytelling and verse, this evening will be a treat for anyone who wishes they had been at Max's Kansas City, or sat in the Roundhouse in 1972, watching Andy Warhol's PORK.


Featuring Leee Black Childers' iconic images; music and stories by legendary singer songwriter Ledfoot, who wrote "High Hopes", the No.1 worldwide hit for Bruce Springsteen; Smutty Smiff, from Levi and the Rockats, a friend of Warhol who was often photographed by Mapplethorpe; accompanied by powerful poetry from James Browne, the Camden Town, ex-minder of Amy Winehouse and the mastermind behind Britain's first helicopter prison escape.


You won't find three more authentic characters on the London stage - their evening will leave you wanting to cancel your social media and grab your guitar, gun, spray can or whatever else takes your fancy…


Salon Grand Siecle Salon Noir - 7pm to 10:30pm

Monday 9th May to Thursday 12th May 2016


To make a booking please click here